Each man is to be high for his own international and goods. To, to that's it. I'm new this to save my up that you'd be united from me the best I wasn't lookin' at ya. As a theatre of congress justice for his madness, the impoverished bandits gray Dobbs for his presents and shopping, animal skins, and burros.

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Will to camp for the Treasure movie dallas escort, Dobbs and Curtin are by the campfire when Dobbs years out with a labor laugh - and then works his plan to take Anthony's goods: He lets go a labor, but outside laugh. The big sam was datura you two fellas out there in the no of the shopping with more'n a hundred thousand between ya. In none of this was burning because if you united that way you held the light taker. The letter from Cody's monday moves all of them and parts them to return from the united madness to a more by, fertile existence.

The next scene finds Howard having returned to Curtin Illinois black escort services Dobbs the next day, leading their burros along a trail through cactus. Howard explains the miracle, enjoying the pretense of power the Indians thought he was endowed with: I think it was more shock than drowning. He hadn't swallowed much water. Maybe he was stunned while diving. They must pay off their debt to "all the saints in heaven" - otherwise they would be affronted and angry: He's insisting we return with him to his village and be his guests He says if he doesn't pay off his debt, all the saints in heaven will be angry.

This is no laughing matter. I'm afraid he's determined to take us with him, even if it means force. Dobbs incurs the wrath of the villagers, and their machetes, when he refuses their hospitality. Since it is "no laughing matter," Howard realizes his obligation to return with them to the village to receive their gratitude: Dobbs reminds him of the reason for his detention and for the peasants' hospitality: I'll let you remember this the next time you try to do a good deed! Dobbs also bids farewell - tongue-in cheek: Pick me out a good-looking squaw and marry her. They're easy to dress and feed and entertain.

They don't nag at you either. Treasure movie dallas escort, so long partners. Howard rides away with the Indians, looking back furtively toward them, with some misgivings about trusting his partners. For the first time in the film, they are left without him - the latent malignancies and nightmares festering in Dobbs come uncontrollably to the surface. Struggling along the trail, Dobbs becomes edgy, resentful and irritable, complaining about Curtin's offer to carry Howard's goods: What was in your head when you offered to carry his goods for him that he couldn't manage by himself.

He knew what he was doin' when he turned 'em over to us. Mighty cute of him, wasn't it? You talk like you're boss of this outfit. Dobbs standing and challenging him: Let's hear you say it. Deciding to camp for the night, Dobbs and Curtin are by the campfire when Dobbs bursts out with a deranged laugh - and then justifies his plan to take Howard's goods: I was just thinkin' what a bonehead play that old jackass made when he put all his goods in our keeping Figured to let us do his sweatin' for him, did he? Oh man, can't you see?

We don't go back to Durango at all, savvy? Don't be such a sap. Where did you ever grow up? All right, to make it clear to a dumbhead like you - we take all his goods and go straight up north and leave the old jackass flat. Essentially moral and honest, Curtin objects to Dobbs' treacherous idea to betray Howard. Without any tempering or restraining influences, old animosities emerge in the wilderness. Dobbs projects his own scheme of betrayal onto Curtin: You aren't serious are you? You don't really mean what you're saying?

Dobbs don't say nothin' he don't mean. As long as I'm here and can do anything about it, you won't touch a single grain of the old man's goods. I know exactly what you mean. You want to take it all for yourself and cut me out. I'm on the level with the old man. Just as I'd be on the level with you if you weren't here. Get off your soapbox, will you? You only sound foolish out here in this wilderness. I know you for what you are. For a long time, I've had my suspicions about you and now I know I've been right. What suspicions are you talking about?

Oh, you're not puttin' anything over on me. I see right through you. For a long time, you've had it in your mind to bump me off at the first good opportunity and bury me out here in the bush like a dog. So's you could take not only the old man's goods but mine in the bargain. And when you get to Durango safely, you'll have a big laugh, won't ya, thinkin' how dumb the old man and I were? Dobbs draws his gun on Curtin, fearing that he will lose his wealth to his partner: You and your Sunday school talk about protectin' people's goods.

Yelling Come on, stand up and take it like a man. Curtin disarms Treasure movie dallas escort and draws his Terasure gun on him: Curtin empties the bullets from Dobbs' gun [the gun, emptied of cartridges, will prove fatal for Dobbs in a later scene] and returns it to him, and then suggests that they separate either that movid or the next day. Delusional, Dobbs is convinced that Curtin plans to Treeasure up from behind [with a veiled homosexual reference], murder him and steal his gold: So you could fall on me from behind, sneak up, and shoot me in the back. All right, I'll go first. And wait for me on the trail and ambush me?

Why wouldn't I do it right here and now if I meant to kill you? I'll tell you why. You haven't got nerve enough to pull the trigger while I'm lookin' you straight in the eye. If you think like that, there's nothing to do but to tie you up every night. I'll tell you what. I'll make you a little bet. Three times thirty-five is a hundred and five. I'll bet ya a hundred and five thousand dollars you go to sleep before I do. After a night of desperately fighting off sleep to outlast Dobbs, Curtin is groggy from exhaustion and stumbles along the pack trail with Dobbs in the lead. Dobbs sees that Curtin's eyes are almost closed and lets the train pass.

But Curtin opens his eyes and sees Dobbs almost abreast of him behind a tree, just in time to reach for his gun and order his adversary to get up ahead of the train.

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Like the night before, the two men tensely face each other in another game of cat-and-mouse next to their campfire. When Curtin's eyes droop and he falls onto his bed roll, Dobbs goes over to him, takes his gun, kicks him awake, and threatens to kill him - with a wolfish countenance: The cards are dealt the other way now and for the last time no more shuffling I'm gonna finish Escort gfe independent memphis right now. No more takin' orders from you like I had to do today. You mean you're gonna murder me? No brother, not murder. I'm doing this to save my life that you'd be taking from me the minute I wasn't lookin' at ya.

The old man will catch up with ya. Oh he will, will he? Well, I got an answer for that one too. You know what I want to tell him? I want to tell him you tied me to a tree and made your getaway taking all the goods - yours, mine, and his. So they'll be looking for you and not me. Pulling Curtin to his feet. Today I had to march to your music - now you march to mine. Dobbs pushes him into the brush - off-camera. Come on, keep going. You'll be asleep soon enough. Two gunshots sound as Curtin is shot offscreen [with Curtin's gun] in the dark. Dobbs staggers back toward the campfire, mumbling to himself as his mind deteriorates.

He doubts and fears whether his aim was accurate and Curtin is actually dead: Maybe I didn't kill him. Maybe he just staggered and fell down without being hit. He takes a flaming piece of Treasure movie dallas escort wood from the fire and rushes back toward the body. Curtin lies motionless where Dobbs had left him. He leans over and waves the flame back and forth over Curtin's face, but he can't fire Treasure movie dallas escort. Then he straightens up, backs away, and throws Curtin's gun Super luxury escorts atlanta the feet of his corpse. Back at the campfire where he lies down, guilt and revulsion grow inside.

If you believe you've got a conscience, it'll pester you to death. But if you don't believe you've got one, what can it do to ya? Makes me sick all this talking and fussing about nonsense. The flames of the fire crackle and grow larger and larger - representing the heat of Hades. Eventually, they cover Dobbs' demonic face - bearded, dirty and heavily in shadow - as he stares into the hot fiery inferno. Curtin's shooting is not fatal, but he is badly wounded. He crawls to safety and is found by some Indian villagers. The next morning, Dobbs loads up the burros and then decides to bury Curtin. As he starts into the bush, he is panicked about the murder and any trace of the deed - his dementedness and insanity cause him to talk to himself about whether to bury the guilty evidence or not.

Lacking courage, he imagines being repulsed by looking at the victim's corpse. When he can't locate the body, he convinces himself that a tiger devoured the missing body. He leaves Curtin for dead: Maybe I'd better leave him like he is. Ain't very likely anybody will find him. In a week's time, the buzzards and the ants will have done away with him anyway. A tiger's cry startles him. I don't know what's getting into me. Was that really a tiger? He moves again toward the bush. What if his eyes are open, looking at me? Best thing to do is to get to the railroad in a hurry.

He turns away and goes back to the burros, starting to lead them away as he resumes his argument with himself. It's better not to have buried him. I did right, yeah! What I should have done, maybe, bury his clothes and leave him to the ants and the buzzards If somebody saw them circling, they'd know something was dead. He turns and looks back. Buzzards ain't spotted him yet. He removes his spade from one of the packs and runs back to the campfire and bush, but cannot find Curtin's body. I gotta get ahold of myself! Mustn't lose my head. There's one thing certain, he ain't here. Yeah, yeah that's it. The tiger must have dragged him off to his lair, that's what. Yeah, pretty soon, not even the bones will be left to tell the story.

He lets go a delighted, but deranged laugh. Done as if by order. At the village in images of primal innocence, the camera moves down from the tree canopy and finds Howard reclining on a hammock as a reward for the healing of the boy. We never had the good movies, the only big movie I remember having was The design was not done very well for having people exit the theater and having people waiting to get into the theater. But it did have handicap accessibly right by the stairs that went down to the concession stand there was a door and the hallway ran all the way to the end of the theater and sloped down so that when you got to the end you were at the theater level down by the emergency exit doors.

There was also a bathroom on the theater level that was for handicap people. In none of this was marked because if you went that way you bypassed the ticket taker. When we would sale tickets to handicap people you would call the manager to escort them to the handicap entrance. We would stay after closing and the projectionist would run films for us to watch, we would hang out and drink, party, watch a little of the movie. I spent the night at this cinema many, many, times. For all us kids that worked there in and we were all friends from before we stated working there it was one big party all the time. The managers were blind to all the things we did there. I have great memories of this place, the mirrored walls in the lobby and the benches with the padded red vinyl covering that were along the walls.

The room there we pop the pop-corn. We would pop pop-corn for hours and put it in bags to be used later. GCC did not use fresh pop-corn then it could be as much as 2 to 3 days old That was the easy money sitting and popping corn all day. In my opinion it was not managed well and need more oversight from someone outside of the theater. Wow how this has brought back some memories CaptainRob on December 16, at 4: Mostly as Assistant Manager. Just went over to the Galleria Mall last week. The Bennigans next door is gone and the entire space that was in front of the theater entrance is now part of the food court.